360° Images and Virtual Tours


Immersive 360° Panoramic Photoshphere Imaging

Images for advertising, promotions, interactive walkthroughs and education.

How to Use 360° Images.

Develop walkthroughs and virtual tours.
  • Embed them on a website page using a variety of options as you can explore here, below.
  • Host on a virtual tour company site as a gallery of images or as a walkthrough.
    You can see more of our 360° images on Lapentor here. >>>
  • Post images straight on to your Facebook timeline.
  • Build your own virtual tour on Google Maps Street View.
    See the Chanapha Residence example below. >>>

Virtual Tours Gallery

360° Panosphere Images

Drag the images for an interactive 360° view.

Use the overlay control to make full screen and navigate.
Use mouse/tap + - to zoom.

Click the globe icons to change scenes.

Click the Info. icons for additional information.

Resort Room
Old Style Restaurant
Restaurant View
Villa Pool
Coastal Landscape
Resort Rooms
Dive Boat on the Ocean

Aerial 360° Panosphere Images

Aerial Landscape
Resort with hover info and link to website.

Walkthrough with Maps and Floor Plans

Maps and Floor Plans

Navigate the villa by clickable hotspots and floor plan map.

Click the icon to start;

Google Street View Walkthrough Tours

See an example tour of “Chanapha Residence”, the Google Street View Tour allows any Street View user to see inside the gardens, the restaurant and all the accommodation rooms.

Click the image below to see the tour on Google Street View >

Add your premises to Google Maps and Street View

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