Beauty : Krabi Beaches, International Swimsuit Models

A Behind The Scenes look at a photography shoot for a swimsuit calendar. Mirch Games from India wanted to create a new swimsuit calendar, they wanted it to be exotic, hot, creative and stunningly beautiful. To make this happen they chose Darren Centofanti as the photographer (; They chose six international models from UK, Nepal, […]

Tour Filming

Get more from your tour.
Day tour and activity filming for groups and individuals.
Pushing Fin provides a high quality tour video service for customers on your tour.
Our friendly and professional staff capture your tours and activities and produce a beautiful life-style video for your company and your customers to remember a great day out.

All types of tours can be filmed on land and at sea.

Advertising & Promotional Video

Pushing Fin creates video advertising for all types of businesses, not just underwater.

Use video to advertise your property, products and services.
For all your video advertising requirements Pushing Fin has a complete range of products:
> TV commercials and Web video advertising
> Point-Of-Sale promotion
> Promotional DVDs and digital video

Event Filming

All Occasions. All Locations.

Weddings, Cultural Events, Sporting Competitions.
Pushing Fin provides video services to record your special events, whatever the occasion, wherever the location.

With High Definition Cameras and production to any video format you require.

Multi-camera set-ups and immediate editing services available.

Underwater Filming

Pushing Fin : Specialists in Underwater Filming.

With hundreds of hours experience filming underwater in all sorts conditions you can rely on Pushing Fin to get the pictures you need.

With High Definition cameras in professional grade underwater housings we have wide ranging experiences filming all sorts of subjects underwater.

Get the extra element in your productions with Pushing Fin Underwater Filming Services.

Film & TV Production

Film and TV production support in Krabi, Thailand.

This region of Southern Thailand is frequently visited by production crews from all over the World to produce; feature films, TV shows, documentaries and TV Commercials.

Pushing Fin provides Film and TV Production support – not only professional underwater filming.

From the islands to the jungle, we’ll help you find your locations and when you get here we have the contacts for what you need.

Underwater Video Training

Love SCUBA diving and want to share the experience?

Want to expand your filming-making opportunities?

Not getting satisfaction from your camera underwater?

Pushing Fin provides practical underwater training courses so you can improve your buoyancy & diving skills, get the most from your equipment, and understand how making movies underwater differs from ‘topside’; all while enjoying the diving, exotic scenery and culture of Krabi, Thailand.