Diving Krabi – Whaleshark

Diving with a whale shark (rhincodon typus) at Anemone Reef, Krabi,Thailand. Unfortunately we had the macro lens port on the housing, the wide-angle was on the boat, we weren't expecting our large but graceful model on this shoot.

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Pushing Fin is more often than not out SCUBA diving in the Andaman Sea around Krabi and the Phi Phi Islands, video camera in housing and at the ready….

On this day we were diving ‘Superday’ in the Hin Musang (Shark Point Pinnacle) Marine Reserve. This marine reserve is just about in the middle of the triangle formed by Ao Nang, Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands. It consists of the Shark Point Pinnacles and the Anemone Reef pinnacle.

Given how visibility had been and how the current was likely to be we had swapped our wide-angle lens port for Amphibico’s amazing macro lens port and had intended to get some nice close detailed shots of all the little critters that live between the anemones covering the Anemone Reef pinnacle.

As we descended to the pinnacle we saw this great torpedo-shaped shadow just hanging in the current over the pinnacle.

This video is the result of filming a whale shark (rhincodon typus) with a macro-lens port. We would estimate he was about 7 metres long and he wasn’t very shy, circling and approaching us at least three times.

After nearly 30 minutes we decided to try and get back to the boat for the wide angle port. Of course by the time we returned our star performer had got bored (and/or full of food) and and swum away.

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