Making Movies, Sinking Ships

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We were booked for some in-water assistance for a film shoot around Krabi. It’s a Russian Film production and support was required at Koh Hong, Krabi.

Liz  [Lertlid Trzop] and Cookie from The Dive Ao Nang, were the underwater special fx team, required by the Art Department to help sink a speed boat, or at least make it look like a boat had sunk…

Simon and Claire were there just in case the lead actors decided to throw themselves in the water and needed help getting out again. By the end of the day the talent had not gotten wet so Simon and Claire weren’t too active.

Meanwhile, this is how the underwater special FX team spent the day; click below for bigger images and slideshow:

Video of the sinking below…

A video preview of ‘the sinking’:

A trailer of the feature film: Jungle

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